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Mr. Hasan Yasar

Technical Director, Continuous Deployment of Capability
  • Watch Hasan's recent webinar "Trust, Verify, and Authorize with DevSecOps" at https://www.sei.cmu.edu/news-events/events/event.cfm?customel_datapageid_5541=207075
Hasan Yasar is the Technical Director, Continuous Deployment of Capability at Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute. Hasan has more than 25 years’ experience as senior security engineer, software engineer, software architect, and manager in all phases of secure software development and information modeling processes. He has an extensive knowledge of current software tools and techniques. He is also specializes in secure software solutions design and development in the cybersecurity domain, including data-driven investigation and collaborative incident management, network security assessment, automated, large-scale malware triage/analysis, medical records management, accounting, simulation systems, and document management.

He is also an adjunct faculty member in the CMU Heinz College and Institute of Software Research where he currently teaches Software and Security and DevOps: Engineering for Deployment and Operations.